{happy valentine’s day 2012}

morgan had a valentine’s day & pajama party at preschool today and was so excited from the moment she got up.

she brought valentines for all her friends, made a cute little bag & a hand print collage to bring home for marc & i.

i could tell she had a lot of fun when i picked her up…..such a good feeling.

when we got home she took a look at all her treats & goodies marc & i gave her and told me “mom, i really like all the stuff you got me.  it’s just perfect.”.

she can be such a sweetheart and her compliments mean more than anything to me.

today is a special day to marc & i because we found out i was pregnant on valentine’s day.

5 years ago i found out i was expecting morgan and could not have been happier.

i made a home-made pizza for marc that night and spelled out the word “dad” in pepperoni.

it didn’t take him long to figure it out and we were on top of the world.

5 years later we have this to show for it.

morgan is the best thing that ever happened in our lives, she’s taught us a lot and what’s really important in life.

tonight we’ll be having a heart-shaped pizza, the three of us.

{happy valentine’s day}


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