bubble blower

morgan has been tirelessly practicing blowing bubbles for quite a while now.

she is an avid gum chewer and has been for quite some time now.

well after weeks and weeks of practicing, instructions, endless packs of gum & some tantrums she can finally blow a bubble.

the first time she did it i let out a huge scream – yup, if you’re a mom you’ll understand this and if you’re not you’ll think i’m either crazy or just plain pathetic.

it was a big, big day for morgan.  after her first bubble popped she immediately wanted to call marc and tell him her big news.

we called him right away and he was thoroughly excited as well……..maybe not AS excited as i was but hey i’m the mom.

a big part of my job description is to be excited if she’s excited.

although i must say, i was genuinely excited about this.

she blew more bubbles that day than i could keep track of.

seems like such a little thing to celebrate but it’s huge to her.

makes me want to celebrate the little things more often.


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big girl bike

morgan got a brand new “big girl” bike from santa last christmas.

when it was FINALLY nice enough to ride it outside i suggested she take it out for a spin.

for some reason she wanted nothing to do with it.

so choosing my battles i let it be.

then a couple of weeks ago she decided she was ready.

and ever since then it has been all this little girl has wanted to do!

we go around the block and around the block and around the block……

she can really cruise on this thing too.

thankfully she’s getting pretty good at the brakes and understanding that she has to SLOW DOWN before turning the corner to avoid a roll over.

of course she’s got her tongue out.

helps with concentration. 😉

during her first “official” ride she found her sunglasses in her little bag on the front of her bike and decided to wear them.

yup, this girl’s one bad little biker.

i’m so glad she’s loving her bike and am excited for a summer of bike riding!

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wordless wednesday 47 – loving water

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wordless wednesday 46 – rainy day

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wordless wednesday 45 – little friends

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wordless wednesday 44 – dirty feet & happy kids

*these were taken w/my point & shoot camera so they’re not the greatest pics 😉

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first day of preschool!

morgan had her first day of preschool last monday.

we had been talking about it for quite a while to try to prepare her.

every time i brought it up she always seemed pretty excited.

her little friend addison goes there and my cousin’s little boy will soon be starting as well.

i brought it up sunday night during our bedtime routine and she was not too happy about it.

“i don’t want to go.  please don’t send  me away to the farm!” was her response.

hmmmm, i’m still trying to figure out what that one means………

anyways we got up bright and early monday morning, she got dressed & cleaned up in a flash and we both came downstairs fully dressed and polished up.

this rarely happens by 7 am in our house.  or should i say it NEVER happens by 7 am in our house.

unless we have big plans for the day we’re kind of loungers in the morning.

a luxury we both love.

by 7:30 we were ready to head out.

i took a trip upstairs to my bathroom for one last sobbing session and we were out the door!

it is rarely morgan’s idea to take pictures but she was ready for some snapshots before her first big day.

i think this is her trying to look cute & sweet.

definitely a different child than the one that ran 8 isles away with a toy i refused to buy at target yesterday.

WHILE i was checking out i might add.


back to my sweet, sweet preschooler.

photo shoots with morgan aren’t complete until she gives you this face.

hope her teacher is ready for this……………….

what a weirdo.  i love it.

that’s actually her impression of the witch from snow white when she brings snow white the poisoned apple. 

she nails it.

google it.

you’ll see.

had to get a pic of her adorable backpack.

and per her request, one of her hands……..??

we got to school just in time for breakfast.  all the kids were waiting in line to wash their hands.

morgan jumped in line only seconds later to have a little boy bud in front of her.

i nicely told him to get in line and wait his turn.  his response was a blank stare.


i backed up to observe this kid that was already on my “do not like” list.

he decided to lean back and give morgan a little push.

i thought “oh man, i can’t leave my innocent little girl here.  she’s going to be eaten alive”.

i watched and waited to see what would happen next.

morgan pushed him back, locked eyes and gave him a look that said “i may be the new girl but don’t mess with me kid”.

i swear i have no idea where she learned this look. 😉

with his tail between his legs he took a step forward in line and turned his gaze away.




glad to know if someone thinks they’re going to push my kid around she will teach them otherwise.

now i just have to hope she’s not the instigator.

a few minutes into breakfast i asked morgan if she was doing okay and told her i was going to head out.

with a smile, a hug and a kiss we parted ways.

for 5 whole hours!!!!

yes i did cry the whole way home but once i got to work editing photos UNINTERRUPTED i realized just how awesome this is going to be.

for everyone.

i picked up morgan during nap time since she’s over that whole thing and was super excited to hear about her day.

i thought the details of her exciting first day would come pouring out of her mouth but instead this is about all she shared:

a little boy sat next to addison which she didn’t like because addison is HER best friend!

the kids have to stay in their play “areas” and she doesn’t understand why.

one girl didn’t tear her pancake up to eat it, she just rolled it up.

she drank all her milk.

they have tandem bikes out on the playground.

she was the only kid that didn’t have a blanket on her cot and WHY, WHY, WHY didn’t i put a blanket in her backpack for her?!?!

(i am not taking fault for this.  i was told she would be able to sit at a table & look at a book until i got there)

lunch is a mystery.

the menu said they’d be having chicken, rice & broccoli for lunch.

rice is about the only one of those items i can see her eating but i though hey maybe if she saw everyone else eating the chicken and broccoli she would too!

i played dumb and asked her what she had for lunch.

“burritos” was her answer.

then later she switched it to “we had spaghetti”.

i have been trying to get the truth out of her all week but she refuses to tell me what was really served and if she ate any.

seeing as how she had a huge dinner that night, in record time, with no talking i’m thinking she had a big plate of nothing for lunch at school.

we had ecfe yesterday which we go to together and when morgan realized we were going to ecfe instead of preschool she was disappointed.

looks like she’s going to love preschool.

mystery lunches, bullies and all.

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